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엔제 업했을까 : 2015-08-04 15:07:10
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  1. I already Missed T.O.P

  2. Musfika Sultana Oishee

    I didn't like the song at all…!!!¡¡¡

  3. Don't let big bang go to public toilets

  4. 3:14 don't cross the streams ray. ( ghost busters reference).

  5. 부정할래요현실을

    양복차림을 하고 햄버거를 드시넼ㅋ

  6. Amazing

  7. HIDADDY/ 一二三屋


  8. 1:54 2 ông này làn cái gì vậy

  9. 3:11 why tf is GD's piss like that?

  10. T.O.P don't gooo

  11. Oscar sean xenelle Villiano Baluyot

    GD's hairstyle even if it was messy IT ALWAYS FXXKING FITS AND LOOKS GOOD ON HIM
    I AM HERE LIKE "i am gay for g-dragon…………i am strait but fxxk it"

  12. Couldn't understand a single word… but the Mv is bomb..


  14. 2분 15초부터 덜티..

  15. Even though I don't really feel the song this video is very cool and funny

  16. músic perfetc

  17. 44.006.859

  18. ❤❤♪❤❤ 44, 006, 072 millions view ❤❤♪❤❤

  19. Gd tem uma bundinha que meudeusdoceu

  20. what is name of the boy hair orange?!!! say pleaseeee

  21. As a Turk, I love the Koreans very much and I am sure they love us and I admire T.O.P……………

  22. We're gonna miss you T.O.P😢

  23. 수박 에이드 민트

    넘 무섭네여. 뮤비가

  24. BTS comebacks be the reason I failed my exams

    this reminds of 'don't hug me I'm scared'

  25. We gonna miss u TOP ! STAY STRONG !

  26. watchin this makes me shook. ;-; it still be lit tho 👌

  27. socorro o top tem um bundão

  28. I hope Choi Seung returns safely… me and my friend were screaming at school and got sent out of our lessons. Moral of the story…. there is no moral….

    AHHHHHHH… I miss him

  29. poha mano eu fiko rindo cm esse mv ;u;

  30. i find the video funny and disturbing at the same time:D!!!!

  31. Choi_seung_hyun_tttop😿I miss you😢Let's be a perfect army👌🏻

  32. ill give it all.

  33. bts 쩔어 is better

  34. I'm gonna ask for a tied up TOP and GD for Christmas. They look good restrained…

  35. 방탄노래가 6월에 나왔고 이건 8월에 나왔는데..표절이라는 사람 ㅅㅂ 죽여버리고싶다 하..

  36. Here because today is the day Choi Seung Hyun is enlisting into the Army. We all wish for a safe, and great experience in the Army.
    Your fans will be waiting for you all, Big Bang.! #VIPs #February9th2017

  37. goodbye T.O.P I will wait for you. (T_T)

  38. Reminds me of his movie Tazza: The Hidden Card

  39. t.o.p may have enlisted today but reassured, he is still dope from his head to his toes.
    21 months will go by quick

  40. 43,904,709

  41. i no speak coreano and english i speak spanish jajajajajaja

  42. Good bye T.O.P

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